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Tool rental frequently asked questions

About rental prices

The rental prices include UPS ground shipping and are for rental periods listed.

What if I need to use the tool longer?

Give us a call at 1-800-262-9644.  Our rental periods are flexible and can work with your schedule. 

About rental periods

The typical rental period is between 3 to 12 days.  You can use the rental summary in the Shopping Cart to tell us the estimated days you will need the tool for.  Your input helps us with the scheduling of our rental tools.  

Does the rental period apply during shipping periods?

The rental period does not include the shipping time. 


UPS ground shipping is included in the price of the rental for the contiguous 48 states.  Ground shipping is guaranteed to 5 days or less to any location in the 48 states. 

Return shipping

At this time you are responsible for returning the rental tools.  We prefer for the tools to be shipped FedEx/UPS ground service when being returned.  We have a few tools that can be returned by USPS mail. 

Can I have the tool shipped to my home or business?

We ship the tools to the location that matches your billing address.  However, existing customers have more shipping options than new customers. 

What if I need a tool the next day for AOG?

Our shipment cutoff time is around 11:30AM.  It would be best to call for availability of a tool before making an order.  Call us at 1-800-262-9644 to expedite your order. 

Can I pick up the tool from your location at E67?

Yes, we are usually at the airport 6 days a week.  Please call us before you come for the currrent weather. 

I need help or instructions for using the tool.

We do provide support for our tools.  Contact us at 1-800-262-9644.

I am not sure which tools I need.

Call or e-mail us.

What if I am looking for a tool that you don't have listed?

We often purchase new tools and may not have them listed.  Sometimes we will purchase the tool you need to rent if there have been several requests for the tool. 


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