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TCM - Continental C75, C85, C90, O-200, C-125, C-145, O-300, GO-300, E-225, E-185, IO-360, TSIO-360 Cylinder base wrenches

Cylinder Base wrench kit

Cylinder removal and installation of small bore TCM engines with reduced dimension nuts requires two standard cylinder base wrench sizes 1/2" and 9/16".  Middle cylinders will require an additional 9/16" cylinder wrench to tighten the through stud.  Our cylinder base wrench kit includes 2 ea. 1/2" and 2 ea. 9/16" wrenches.


Cylinder installation tool kit

We are designing the following aircraft cylinder tool rental kit for removing and reinstalling cylinders.  Kits would include the following items.

  1. 1/2" drive breaker bar
  2. 1/2" drive long handle socket wrench
  3. 3/8" drive calibrated torque wrench with 1/2" drive adapter
  4. 1/2" drive extensions - three sizes
  5. 5/8" 1/2" drive socket for small bore
  6. 1/4" drive socket wrench
  7. 1/4" drive calibrated torque wrench
  8. 1/4" drive wobble socket extension for removing exhaust
  9. Other 1/4" drive accessories for removing exhaust
  10. Torque screwdriver for torquing rocker box cover screws
  11. Push rod housing tool for TCM
  12. Containers to store push rods
  13. Containers to store rockers and other components
  14. Gauges for measuring valve lash
  15. Spring clamps for checking valve lash
  16. Ring compressor
  17. Tool for removing and installing rocker shafts
  18. Socket for removing injectors
  19. Spacers for tightening the through studs while the cylinders are off.**See Note 
  20. TCM booklets for torques and cylinder installation instructions

Additionally we hope to include a piston pin press that we are designing.  

We design the kits to your needs.  Contact Little Flyers at 1-800-262-9644

Kit information can be found here: TCM Specific Tools

** As the cylinder(s) on a through stud are removed, the through stud needs to be retightened to prevent movement of the crankshaft bearings.  Never leave a through stud un-tightened!  Damage can result.


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