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Engine air cooling differential pressure test gaug
Engine air cooling differential pressure test gaug

PN:Cooling Differential Test Gauge
We often this tool to diagnose difficult engine air cooling problems on aircraft. There is nothing special about the tool, other than it being already assembled. The gauge is a standard airspeed gauge that indicates in MPH. One hose is 9ft long and the other is 10ft. Both hoses include air filters to protect the gauge. Both red silicon sensing hoses are around 2ft. long. The sensing hoses have been preforated to balance the air pressures that are sensed(reduces inaccurate readings). One of the hose assemblies has a bulkhead fitting as union in order to place it in a hole drilled in the baffling. This sensing hose is often used as the high pressure reference and is place on top of the engine with downdraft cooling. The hoses are generally secured to the engine, mount, and etc. with ty-raps(zip-ties).
LxWxH: 12.0 x 3.5 x 3.5 Weight: (Rental) 2.500
Rent: $37.00 Deposit: $135.00 Rental Days: 12



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