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PT6 Beta Ring Puller
PT6 Beta Ring Puller

Ideal Aviation Beta Ring Puller. 6.5" diameter circle for 3 and 4 pattern attachment holes. Shaft is 5/8" thread and has 3.1" travel. The pushing cap has a 2.25" inside diameter cup, and a 2.6 outside diameter. Shaft is driven by a 6" handle. Included are 4 ea. 5/16" threaded rod 12" long with associated wing nuts, washers, and threaded rod nuts. Additionally, 3 ea. threaded forks are included. The forks are 6.5" long with 5/16" threads. Fork throats are 0.6" wide and 0.6" deep. Dimensions are for the puller. Call for other information. Rental is from Ideal Aviation.
LxWxH: 7.6 x 7.8 x 7.8 Weight: (Rental) 10.000
Rent: $165.00 Deposit: $475.00 Rental Days: 12



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