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Mooney Shock Disc Installation Tool - Prototype
Mooney Shock Disc Installation Tool - Prototype

Prototype - We designed this tool to remove and install shock discs on the common Mooney aircraft. The tool does both main and nose shock disc in one. Powered by a hand hydraulic pump and cylinder the tool reduces the amount of time to remove and install the shock discs. Swing arms(spindle assemblies)/wheels are removed for access to the shock discs/link assembly. Nose shock disc can require more than 4000 lbs of force to install. We still have a few refinements to finish up on the tool. Alternative to GSE 030011 (ME121) and GSE 030010 (ME120). The tool has picture instructions for assembling and using the tool. Field use indicates that the time required to change the shock disc on a single gear is around an hour. One customer commented "It is a slick tool!". Referral available, call for information 1-800-262-9644.
LxWxH: 26.0 x 8.0 x 9.0 Weight: (New) 24.000 (Rental) 24.000
Price: $900.00 Rent: $75.00 Deposit: $240.00 Rental Days: 12


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