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T-300B SyncroLASAR Ignition Timing Tool
T-300B SyncroLASAR Ignition Timing Tool

Use the T-300 timing tool for timing the magnetos on engines equipped with Unison's Slick Lasar ignition system. The tool has special connectors that connect to the harness leads of the magnetos; typical p-lead connections are not present on the magnetos. Lights indicate TDC and breaker point on the sensor magneto, and the breaker point on the non-sensor magneto. The tool can be set to sound a tone when a specific breaker closes or the TDC sensor is active. The Lasar system can not be timed without the tool. Six "AAA" batteries are required to power the T-300. An included instruction booklet contains directions for timing Standard LASAR Systems and Bush Kit LASAR Systems. Estimated delivery for the tool has been over two months. We order them consistently to provide a shorter delivery period and often have the tool in stock. Batteries included.
LxWxH: 11.0 x 7.0 x 3.0 Weight: (New) 1.730 (Rental) 1.730
Price: $450.00 Rent: $25.00 Deposit: $75.00 Rental Days: 12


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