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Measuring Tools
Measuring tools or devices for aviation applications

Positional dial indicator
Dial indicator for measuring run out on various items...
Rent: $30.00
Deposit: $98.00
Dial bore gauge
Dial bore gauge used for measuring 2" to 6" inside diameters. ...
Rent: $27.00
Deposit: $92.00
Digital Tachometer
Shimpo DT-205L Digital tachometer (hand-held type) used for determining and checking rotational speeds....
Rent: $27.00
Deposit: $86.00
Photo tachometer
Shimpo DT-205A Photo tachometer sn: A40268402 used to check instrument accuracy....
Rent: $23.00
Deposit: $70.00
Mitutoyo depth micrometer
Mitutoyo depth micrometer (0-1" in .001 increments) used for measuring interior depth of object....
Rent: $18.00
Deposit: $46.00
Align-a-matic (pair)
Align-a-matic scales used for checking wheel alignment; requires 1" ramps for use....
Rent: $24.00
Deposit: $48.00
Electronic charging scale
PN:TIF 9010
TIF 9010 Electronic charging scale used for weighing aircraft parts and refrigerant with max weight 75 lbs. This requires a 9 Volt battery....
Rent: $28.00
Deposit: $91.00


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