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General Tools
Tools for common applications - includes hand tools, wrenches, sockets, ratchets, etc.

Champion magnetic 7/8" spark plug socket
This socket is made for Champion Aerospace and contains a magnet/spring for retaining the spark plug in the socket. The ceramic insulator in a spark ...
Price: $66.00
Rent: $8.00
Deposit: $20.00
Blind rivet nut speed drivers kit
Blind rivet nut speed drivers used for inserting blind nut fasteners including SCA6/32", SCA8/32" and SCA10/32" mandrels....
Rent: $21.00
Deposit: $60.00
Button snap fastening tool
Button snap fastening tool used for installing snaps and eyelets in upholstery and canvas for aircraft covers and interiors. The tool comes with a ki...
Rent: $30.00
Deposit: $70.00
Snap-On Snap ring pliers
SRPC112 Snap-On snap ring pliers used for circlip retaining rings includes pliers from 1/8-1" through 1/2"-3 1/2" except 3/16-1 3/8" (12 pieces)....
Rent: $23.00
Deposit: $76.00
Shim punch and die set
Precision Punch and die set used for making washers, shims and gaskets from stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, rubber and plastic. It makes 1/8...
Rent: $22.00
Deposit: $60.00
Roper Whitney hand punch
Roper Whitney No. 5 JR hand punch used for punching holes in thin material particularly useful on stainless steel. Sizes are 3/32" to 9/32" for holes....
Rent: $11.00
Deposit: $15.00
Fastener cutting punch
C-4 Common Sense HooVer cutting punch used to cut fabric for installation of turn-button fasteners in fabric....
Rent: $9.00
Deposit: $14.00
12" Slip Roll
Hand-operated Slip Roll used to create a variety of rolled metal shapes from reverse curves and radius bends to perfect circles. This is a 12" table t...
Rent: $36.00
Deposit: $98.00
Tap sockets
Tap sockets fit where T-handle tap wrenches can't. Tap sockets used for driving taps with ordinary ratchets and extensions. 9 piece set includes S4 sc...
Rent: $9.00
Deposit: $15.00
Snap-On A157C bushing driver set
Snap-On A157C bushing driver set with 17 adapters and 3 drivers (3/8"x7/16" to 1 1/4"x1 3/8") removes and installs one piece bearings and bushings....
Rent: $17.00
Deposit: $43.00
Allen short arm hex key set
15 piece Allen short arm hex key set (.028" to 3/8" diameter) 90 degree arm type used for general purpose applications....
Rent: $7.00
Deposit: $7.00
Demel 395 type 5 grinder
PN:395 type 5
Dremel model 395 type 5 small variable speed grinder (5000-30,000 RPM) with 1/8" collet chuck (110 Volt AC 60 cycles) used for detailed cutting and gr...
Rent: $13.00
Deposit: $26.00
Matco thread chaser
Matco TC500 Universal thread chaser used to rethread axles or restore any threads (1-1/4" to 5" OD)....
Rent: $13.00
Deposit: $30.00


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