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Electrical - Avionics
Tools for electrical applications such as installing wiring, avionics, diagnosing aircraft electrical problems

Alcal 2000 EGT / CHT tester
Alcor Alcal 2000 EGT / CHT tester used for testing Type E, J and K systems and EGT, CHT and TIT probe accuracy. This unit calibrates and troubleshoots...
Rent: $70.00
Deposit: $630.00
Artex 406MHz ELT Test Set
Read and Test the 406MHz frequency on Artex ELTs. Indicates the Beacon ID and other data transmitted on the frequency. Does not test Ameri-King AK-5...
Rent: $70.00
Deposit: $712.00
Armature growler
Armature growler used for testing universal motor armatures of starters, generators, and other larger DC motors...
Rent: $22.00
Deposit: $53.00
Inductive ampmeters
Set of inductive gauges used for Alternator current (0-100 amp) and Starter current (0-600amp)....
Rent: $7.50
Deposit: $17.00
Blue-Point PWC52A cushioned pliers
Blue-Point PWC52A cushioned (cannon) electrical connector plug pliers (9/16" to 2 1/4") used to grasp electrical connector plugs and other round objec...
Rent: $8.00
Deposit: $11.00
Utica 622 plug pliers
Utica 622 electrical connector (cannon) plug pliers (15/16" to 2 3/8" diameter) also used to grasp electrical connector plugs and other round objects....
Rent: $8.00
Deposit: $10.00
Whelen Strobe check II
PN:Strobe check II
Whelen Strobe check II tester used for troubleshooting Whelen strobe light systems. It comes with an adapter for troubleshooting Grimes and Hoskins st...
Rent: $15.00
Deposit: $31.00


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