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Tools coming to soon to Hangar Toolbox -

New rental tools coming soon to Hangar Toolbox

Aircraft weighing scale rental

We are thinking about adding Intercomp Company's ACII-4.5K aircraft weighing scales to our rental tools.  The scales have a capacity of 1500 lbs. per scale and are ideal for weighing most small aircraft.  Rental period would be for 4 days and the rental period would not include the shipping time.  4 days would allow enough time to weigh the aircraft without fuel and with fuel.  The scales are a ramp type that will be placed under the landing gear.  This set of scales will not have C.G. capability, so arm, datum, etc. will have to be calculated manually according to the relevant service manual or kit instructions.  Adding C.G. functions would nearly triple the rental cost.  Rental cost should be around $100(U.S.).  Unfortunately, the weight of the scales is 150 lbs.  Separate shipping costs would be between $124 and $168 roundtrip to anywhere in the Continental United States.  We would like input from those of you looking to rent scales in order to weigh your aircraft.  We have looked at other aircraft weighing systems, but the smaller scales are more expensive.  Call us at 1-800-262-9644 or E-mail us. 

Tools developed for assistance in valve inspections.

We had developed these tools in 1998 or 1999 and have successfully used the prototypes for many years and several valve inspections.  All the tools are pneumatically operated and require air pressure of 100 PSI or more (preferrable).  These tools remove and install the intake and exhaust springs, retainers, keepers, rockers, rockershafts, rotators, and etc.  Depending on the engine some baffling may have to be removed.  The valve compressor is installed on the cylinder; part of the tool applies air to the cylinder to keep the valves closed.  The pneumatic valve compressor presses down on the retainers in order to remove the keepers;  the keepers are easily removed with a small magnet.  The valve compressor is removed from the cylinder in order to inspect the valves.   Keeping the valve guides reamed to the proper clearances helps to reduce the chances of sticky and stuck valves.  Sticking valves can cause in flight engine hesitations(hiccups), temporary loss of power during take off, rough idle, and power reduction.  The tool does not fix stuck valves, but can help prevent them.  Lycoming recommends exhaust valve inspections every 400 hours.  This tool is not a valve wobble test, but allows the exhaust springs and retainers to be removed for a more accurate test (springs restrict the movement of the valve).  We have most the of the tool jigs made except for the jig for the double cover TCM angle valve cylinders.  Most of the tools average about an hour per cylinder with the cowl off.  Please call for more information.  Find pictures of the Lycoming angle valve jig here .    

Lycoming angle valve cylinder valve inspection tools for both updraft and dowdraft 360 and 540 engines.

Lycoming angle valve cylinder valve lash tool for 360 and 540 engines.

Lycoming parallel valve cylinder valve inspection tools for 320, 360, and 540 engines.

TCM Continental angle valve double cover cylinder valve inspection tools for 520 and 550 engines - under development. 

TCM Continental angle valve single cover cylinder valve inspection tools for 470, 520, and 550 engines.

TCM Continental valve inspection tools for A-series, C-series, O-200, O-300, and GO-300 engines.

Aero Grinder - exhaust port flange grinder

Soon we will be adding a exhaust port grinding tool.  This tool will require the exhaust port studs to be removed in order to properly grind the flange.  We are trying to find non-damaging stud extractors for older TCM and Lycoming engines.  Newer TCM cylinder exhaust studs incorporate Rosan locks and require new studs to be installed when the existing ones are removed..  These new studs cost about $12 each.  We are working to find the proper tools to combine with the port grinder in order to facilitate the process; otherwise the tool can be rented.  Call for more information. 

Call 1-800-262-9644 for more information.



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