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Cable and wire tensiometers for aircraft

Cable tensiometer
T5-2002-101-00 model cable tensiometer used for checking 1/16" cables through 1/4" cables (150 lb) tensions; includes instruction book and calibration...
Rent: $65.00
Deposit: $249.00
Pacific cable tensiometer
Pacific C-9 cable tensiometer model T60-1001-C9-1A used for checking flight control cables with calibrated range of 150 lbs to 450 lbs. It checks tens...
Rent: $26.00
Deposit: $83.00
Flying wire tensiometer
Model 1000 Aviat flying wire tensiometer used for checking tension on Pitts and other aircraft with streamline flying wires...
Rent: $73.00
Deposit: $304.00


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