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Piston Engine General
Tools for piston powered aircraft engines.

PE-1500 Tubing expander
MAC PE-1500 tubing expander fits 1 3/4" ID to 2 3/4" ID tubing. Used for rounding out deformed induction tube and stretching inner tube of exhaust sli...
Rent: $14.00
Deposit: $48.00
Champion magnetic 7/8" spark plug socket
This socket is made for Champion Aerospace and contains a magnet/spring for retaining the spark plug in the socket. The ceramic insulator in a spark ...
Price: $66.00
Rent: $8.00
Deposit: $20.00
Snap-On S8663B cylinder head wrench
Snap-On S8663B 11/16" cylinder head wrench with 1/2" drive and 2 1/4" offset used on engine cylinders....
Rent: $10.00
Deposit: $30.00
Ignition harness repair kit
Shielded ignition tool used for swaging ferrules on shielded ignition wire. Kit includes instruction sheet. This tool is not replaceable....
Rent: $10.00
Deposit: $23.00
Alcal 2000 EGT / CHT tester
Alcor Alcal 2000 EGT / CHT tester used for testing Type E, J and K systems and EGT, CHT and TIT probe accuracy. This unit calibrates and troubleshoots...
Rent: $70.00
Deposit: $630.00
Oil filter pad cover
Ideal Aviation Oil filter pad cover. During inspection the cover is used to protect and cover the oil filter adapter. The cover makes it easier to w...
Rent: $10.00
Deposit: $36.00
Engine air cooling differential pressure test gaug
PN:Cooling Differential Test Gauge
We often this tool to diagnose difficult engine air cooling problems on aircraft. There is nothing special about the tool, other than it being alread...
Rent: $37.00
Deposit: $135.00


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