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Safety Wire Tools
Tools for safety wiring nuts, bolts etc.

Milbar Reversible Safetywiring Pliers
These are the most common pliers we use for safetywiring purposes. The reversible pliers can twist the wire in clockwise and counter-clockwise rotati...
Price: $85.00
Milbar Safetywire pliers - old style
Old style Milbar safetywire pliers. 10" long with manual return and cutter. Locks still work good. These are often used for .040" safetywire. ...
Saf-T-Blocks kit
Jigs for drilling holes in nuts and bolts for safety wiring purposes. Drill holes in heads of bolts and nuts up to 3/4". Drill in threads of bolt si...
Rent: $9.00
Deposit: $15.00
Reversible safety wire pliers
Reversible Safety wire pliers common used with stainless aircraft safety wire. ...
Rent: $11.00
Deposit: $27.00


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