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Welcome to Hangar Toolbox

Your place for aircraft specialty tools.
     Hangar Toolbox is based in Little Elm, Texas (north of Dallas).  Some of the tools we have can take several months to get from the manufacturer and some these tools were developed for ourselves to help us to be effecient mechanics.  In addition to our tools we would like to provide our experience to prevent you from having the grief and trouble we have experienced over the years.  Often we can give you insight into the job you are working on, and can help you find the tool that you need for your specific task.  We have always considered ourselves to be in service business, and we do appreciate calls.  Any order can be called in, you do not have to use the website to order.  We also offer tool support on Saturdays.
     This website is written and maintained by ourselves for the purpose of renting, selling tools to FBO's, mechanics, and persons working on their own aircraft.  We will continue to add new tools and develop tool rental packages every month.  Please understand that we are working on an undeveloped concept and it will take a little time for us to include all the features you would like to see on this website.  If you have suggestions, please e-mail us.  Our hope is to organize the website efficiently so that you can find what you are looking for with little effort and great speed.    

       You can add both new and rental tools to the same shopping cart and have the orders processed simultaneously.  Order confirmations for rental tools are sent independently for the rental processing.  Sometimes the rental tool you request will come from another location in the United States.  At this time we ship in the US and Canada.  The rental tools are processed with ground shipping unless you require a different UPS shipping option.    
    If you have rented from us previously, please set up your profile by logging in (register).  After registering edit your profile by using the link in the top right corner.  Call us at 1-972-292-1426, or e-mail tim@littleflyers.com for us to update your account.  
     The used tool buttons are not yet enabled, but if you have aircraft specialty tools you would like to sell, please contact us by e-mail. 
     As always you can contact us to get current availability of a tool.  If you can't find a tool you are looking for, call us.  We also manufacture a number of our own tools and some of the prototypes have been added to this site.  We are also able to develop special tools tools to meet your needs for either renting or purchasing. 
Tim, David.


Send mail to tim@hangartoolbox.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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